I visited Erriadh once when I did a tour of the island with Marhag Lotfi, a local taxi driver, but I found the village so enchanting that I had to return to discover more of the wall murals, connected with the project Djerbahood, which makes this small village well known on the island. I heard that many artists are going to return this year to Erriadh to do more wall murals. Following is a collage of more of Erriadh’s beautiful wall murals.

A few photos of my young  guide in training who offered to show me the newer wall murals created in 2018 and 2019. He was a most charming, polite and competent junior guide and I am sure he will go far.

My young guide was also able to recommend a local restaurant in Erriadh that servers couscous and the Tunisian “brik” which consists of a thin pastry, with a filling, which in this instance consisted of some mashed potato, harissa (a local spicy paste), parsley, a bit of salt, and most important an egg. All of these ingredients are placed on the pastry, the pastry is folded over to make an envelope and then deep fried.

The finished product below:


I started out by ordering one and it was so delicious that I had a second one. The thing about eating a brik is that the egg yolk remains fairly runny, so there is definitely a method to eating it so all the egg yolk doesn’t run out, which was my case. I had more yolk on my fingers and face than in my tummy!

As luck would have it, as I was eating my second brik, some local Tunisians sat at my table eating brik and couscous, and they showed me how to eat one without the egg dripping all over you. They said you have to sort of suck up the yolk so it won’t drip. I was definitely better at it the second time, but I think I need a lot more practice which will not be a burden because these briks are absolutely delicious. Note the merriment of the local Tunisians as they observe my attempts at eating my second brik.


Some typical Tunisian dished below. This small local restaurant was obviously very popular as there was a constant lineup for food. I did not attempt the hot green peppers yet, maybe tomorrow, or the next day after I’ve mastered the brik!