I cannot resist wandering around in the Medina, wherever it may be. so the one in Houmet Souk was no exception. What was interesting in this Medina was an area of wall murals, so I’ve divided my photos into two categories, one with typical scenes of the Medina and another section with wall murals. There was also a fish market close by to the Medina where you can buy your fish fresh and have one of the local restaurants cook it the way you like it

Unlike the Medina of Tunis, this one did not have a large residential area, it was mostly made up of “souks” or shops. Houmet Souk translated into English means “City of shops”.

Beautiful wall murals in the Houmet Souk Medina.

Houmet Souk Medina, fish market and mosques. as I was walking in the Medina I heard a click-clack sound, stopped at the door where the sound was coming from and saw that it was weaver, who invited me to watch as he wove his cloth. He said he did weaving for those who are going to be married, using silk. Weddings are a big occasion on Djerba infused with many traditions.