Letterkenny from its Irish roots means “Hillside of the O’Cannons” and is the largest town in County Donegal. The best part of Letterkenny is that it is close to one of the most beautiful parks I have ever visited, the Genveagh National Park and the Glenveagh Castle and Gardens which is set in 16,500 hectares of mountains, lakes, glens and woods.

Glenveagh Castle was built between 1870 and 1873, by Captain John Adair, and is defined as being “castellated which means it has battlements like a castle, but it is not used for defense. Surrounded by the famous Glenveagh Gardens, its construction in a remote mountain setting was inspired by the Victorian idyll of a romantic highland retreat. John Townsend Trench designed it.

The first photos in this mosaic are of the town of Letterkenney and include street views, its major church, an antique shop, a monument and a very interesting hat shop that I would definitely go to to buy a hat if I was to go to the Queen’s races!

The photos following the ones of the town are those of Glenveagh National Park and Gardens. I hope that I have captured the beauty of this incredible place.