My Last Day at Playa del Ingles


One of the pools at the Wellness Centre at Eugenia Victoria

What better way to prepare for more travelling than to take a spa day? Today is my last day at Eugenia Victoria Hotel and Playa del Ingles. What I particularly love about this hotel is the Vital Wellness Centre where you will find several hot pools with jets, a Dead Sea Pool, Whirlpools, and two saunas, one steam or Roman style and one dry, or Finnish style.

Here at the wellness centre you can also get various special treatments, including those involving wine or Chocolate! Those treatments sound particularly yummy!


Relaxation room used before and after treatments.



Graciela giving me a massage

Graciela is the person at the Wellness Centre who does the massage therapy. I was very impressed to learn that she has well over 30 years experience doing massage. She also does Reicki. While staying at Eugenia Victoria I had several massages with her and was very pleased with the outcome. As well as offering a “Classic” massage, she also offers specialized ones that target the back and shoulders or tired legs, or for anti-stress (in my mind all massages are anti-stress!), hot stone massage, chocolate massage, foot reflexology, a Hammam massage with oil and some others to boot.

Also, they have body wraps such as seaweed or mud applications or a Cleopatra Bath. Now there’s an intriguing treatment.


The Cleopatra Bath, photo credit, Stefanie

I had scheduled a “classic” massage today with Graciela and I was considering a skin treatment, something that would add a bit of a glow to my skin which had seen a lot of the sun and tends to be dry. Graciela recommended the Cleopatra bath as the best option for me. Now I had heard that Cleopatra liked to take milk baths, so I was intrigued to find out what was involved in the one offered at the Wellness Centre.



Relaxed and happy in the Cleopatra Bath, Photo credit, Stefanie

It turns out that you get “wrapped” in a cloth with milk and almond oil, two known things to nourish the skin. You are then further “wrapped” to allow the milk and almond oil to penetrate the skin and work their magic. The lights are dimmed and soft music wafts through the air. I went into a state of complete relaxation — didn’t take much to get there!


Massage room for Hammam style massage.


It has been a very pleasant stay at the hotel. The staff here are very friendly and kind. They truly contributed to making my stay here a very enjoyable one. I recommend the hotel to anyone who is looking for a comfortable hotel with good, satisfying meals, a ten-minute walk to the beach and many services close by, including shopping and food market. The hotel offers a shuttle bus to the beach.

Here at Eugenia Victoria Hotel, nightly entertainment includes many different types of shows, including flamenco, acrobatics, impersonations, singing and even bingo on some evenings. Outdoors, around the pool area, there is a singer every night. There is a large lounge area, an indoor bar and several outside bars around the pool area.


Tomorrow, I must awake at 3:30 am to take a taxi at 4:00 am to the Las Palmas airport. My flight to Barcelona is at 7:00 am. I’m hoping that Cafe de Paris will have some of my favourite danishes left, so I can bring one on the flight. The next time you hear from me I will be in Barcelona, refreshed from my spa day and ready to explore this interesting city.