A Week of Celebrations, March 3rd to the 12th

IMG_6385After a week of celebrations in Playa del Ingles including election of the carnival queen, senior queen and drag queen; carnival for children; many performances; parties and an interesting event called “The Reading of the Sardines’ Last Will,” the carnival is over!


IMG_6390A huge event was the Carnival Parade on Saturday that involved over 100 floats– it started at 5:00 pm and went on to at least 10:00 pm. What a raucous, fun, music filled and colouful parade it was. The main theme for costumes this year were related to the “Hippie” era of the 1960s and “Pirates”.


I attended this parade that seemed to go on forever, and luckily it passed right in front of my hotel, The Eugenia Victoria.


Flower Power!

So here are a bunch of photos to give you insight into this most colourful and fun-filled event. The Spanish love to dress up, dance and generally have a good time. Of course there were many visitors as well

taking part in the festivities.




More Flower Power!


Peace and Love


Pirates getting ready for the parade.


Did I mention pirates??


Eskimo in the Canaries?


How does he walk on those shoes?


Would you like this rose?


Lots of happy faces.


Castro in the Canaries?


I had fun too!!