Eugenia Victoria Hotel on Gran Canaria Ave. and Cafe de Paris


Pool area at Eugenia Victoria Hotel

Through this pictorial focus on Eugenia Victoria Hotel, readers will get an impression of what a stay here is like and the hotel’s services and facilities. I’m staying here almost five weeks while visiting the island of Gran Canaria. One of the first things I wrote about upon my arrival here in Playa del Ingles was the Vital Wellness Centre here at Eugenia Victoria. The reason being that after a long flight from Canada, I was certainly in need of rest and relaxation. You can read about this by going to my blog entry entitled Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands in the February archive. When you’re staying this length of time in any location, a big priority is the quality of the food. If the food’s not up to par, there’s sure to be a mutiny! I opted for the half-board option at Eugenia Victoria which means that you have your breakfast and supper included in your hotel stay.


Cafe de Paris

It was a good decision because when lunch time rolls around, I often found myself away from the hotel, visiting other towns, walking on the beach or otherwise out and about.When out and about you also have the option of trying different restaurants for a quick bite, thus getting to know some of the local eating establishments. This is how I got to know Cafe de Paris, not far from Eugenia Victoria.


Selections at Cafe de Paris


Cafe de Paris is a chain with several locations throughout Playa del Ingles and it is very popular and for good reason. The quality of their offerings is excellent and fresh, from their various sandwich selections to delightful cakes, ice cream, and donuts, to one of my favourites, their Danish Pastries, which are tasty, flaky and not overly sweet.


Fresh oranges at Eugenia Victoria


I digress, back to Eugenia Victoria Hotel. The options for breakfast are huge and buffet style. From freshly squeezed orange juice, dried fruit, fruit salad, cereal, eggs, yogurt, bacon, ham, sausages, pancakes, crepes and more. Everyday there is a selection of fresh oranges, apples, watermelon, cantaloupe and bananas, with the same fruits available for suppertime as well.


Suppertime at Eugenia Victoria


And the supper time menu? It is vast and delicious. Eugenia Victoria can be assured there will be no mutiny associated with their food service. Supper is buffet style, so you are free to choose what you want and in the quantities that you want and even experiment a bit by going back to sample other dishes. The menu changes from day-to-day with many selections for every taste.





My salad selection at Eugenia Victoria

A salad bar offers a variety of fresh options. In general I would describe the choices, whether for breakfast or supper a Mediterranean- type diet. This type of diet is characterized by an abundance of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes.


Cook grilling at Eugenia Victoria


The supper menu often features freshly grilled fish and poultry, and other choices of meat such as beef, lamb and pork, sometimes in special sauces, and often with local culinary influence. Since this hotel is children friendly, I often see several pasta options and pizza, two items you can never go wrong with for children.





Dessert selection at Eugenia Victoria

There is also a wide choice for dessert. If you like ice cream, you won’t go wrong here, there are about a dozen flavours to choose from. Cakes are another option, as well as fresh fruit. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate are available for both breakfast and suppertime. You can even get a shot glass of rum at suppertime. Wine or beer is extra.


Kiddy Pool at Eugenia Victoria


Children are welcome at Eugenia Victoria, evidenced by the organized activity programs for them and the outdoor facilities such as a kiddy pool, climbing structure, playhouse and mini-golf.




Poolside bar at Eugenia Victoria

For adults there is an indoor gym, shuffle board, outdoor whirlpools, a large swimming pool, the indoor wellness centre and several outdoor bars for lunch or a drink. There is live singing every night near the pool area, and indoors in the evening there are different kinds of entertainment from flamenco to singing, karaoke, to various other types of performances.


Inside Lounge area at Eugenia Victoria

Excursions around the island can be organized either by local hotel staff or by various tour companies that come into the hotel to explain their offerings. The beach is about a ten-minute walk away, or a hotel shuttle bus will take you there. Hotel staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful and deal with any concerns in a professional and polite manner. The guest list at Eugenia Victoria is a veritable list of the united nations, I have met people from Germany, Holland, Sweden,  England and Belgium.