IMG_505 (2).JPGThe Charming Town of Aguimes

The charming, historic town of Aguimes, founded in 1486, is described as a “traditional Canarian Hill Town” The feeling one gets as one walks its winding streets is one of relaxation and tranquility. Its historic main square and restored  buildings are lovely.



Didn’t know I could ride a camel in Aguimes

img_5182But what sets this town apart are its intriguing sculptures, spread throughout the historic centre and unexpectedly greeting you as you round a corner or popping up when you least expect to see one. Some are whimsical and others demonstrate a more serious theme. Artisan workshops,  churches, museums, restaurants and sidewalk cafes all add up to make a visit to Aguimes a pleasant one and one of discovery.


Lovely street in Aguimes

The Guayadeque Ravine

img_5069Not far from Aguimes is the Guayadeque Ravine, a valley of rugged beauty that is recognized as one of the most important aboriginal settlements of cave dwelling people that goes back 1,500 years ago, and which constitutes a part of the Canaries’ fascinating history. Caves back then were located on sheer rock faces and only accessible by treacherous pathways.



The Tagoror Cave Resaurant

Today, some caves have been converted into restaurants, making for an unusual dining experience such as the Tagoror Restaurant, carved into the side of the mountain and offering delicious traditional cuisine. If you’re looking for absolute peace and quiet you could also rent a cave as accommodation. The valley has been declared a National Monument and Cultural Heritage Site.